The financial anxiety of student teaching.

Not to get too personal, but my old friend anxiety paid a visit this weekend. Life happens and sometimes big purchases need to be made asap (read: car broke, had to get another one). My husband and I have been diligently saving for when I student teach next Spring, but this unanticipated expense has left us with a big hole in our savings and not enough time to fill it by the time January rolls around.

A few months ago, I had spoken to the person in charge of student teaching placements in my University. I had heard that there are occasions when a paid job would be accepted for student teaching. This individual confirmed that this was true; however, what position would be better for a student teacher? A Teaching Assistant? A long-term sub position? And if the latter, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of student teaching if you are already leading a class?

I would really like to know how current student teachers and new teachers have handled the can’t-work-while-student-teaching issue, as well as the anxiety that goes with it.


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